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Hi, I'm Alison, I live and work in Oxford and am Mum to a 9 year-old. 10 years ago, following a career in the charity sector, I re-trained and took my life in a different direction.

I am passionate about supporting women to navigate through life stages and changes to achieve the balance and fulfilled life they desire and deserve.

Hypno-psychotherapy is a fusion of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling and coaching - and is therefore an excellent choice if you are not sure what therapeutic approach would help you.

This form of therapy is highly effective in resolving problems that arise from stress, anxiety, habits, trauma, past hurts, physical health problems, low confidence or unhelpful thinking styles.

I am experienced in treating a wide range of issues. I have a specialism in the mind-body connection and related conditions (for example: infertility, IBS, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety).

I am also highly experienced in treating trauma (both PTSD and unwanted symptoms such as anxiety stemming from painful past experiences).

Not all of my clients come because of a "problem". Many come for support navigating a life change or because they want to achieve a life, career, health, fitness or weight goal. Many of my clients are surprised how swiftly their presenting issue can resolve with this form of therapy.

Some issues (such as fears and phobias, anxiety, trauma, insomnia) can be resolved in 3 sessions or less. I offer a very flexible service. With some of my clients our time together is brief. Others choose for us to work together over many months to successfully navigate a significant life change or achieve agreed life goals. It is generally not necessary to meet every week.

My view on life is that we are all human and many of us have a "thing" that gets in the way of the life we want. That ""thing"" might be low confidence, anxiety or a weight issue or disordered eating. It might be a fear of public speaking or flying or driving or childbirth. Perhaps it's a health problem, a relationship issue, a habit or an addiction. Or quite possibly not something on this list.

I am passionate about helping people be free of the "thing" that stops them living the very best version of their life.

I am a UKCP registered hypno-psychotherapist. I am also a trainer for The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, teaching trainee and practicing therapists to Advanced Diploma level.

Appointments are in Oxford.

My availability is:
9.30am - 2.30pm: Monday - Friday; and
7-9pm Tuesdays, and some Saturdays.

My hourly rate is from £75.

Please contact me here for more information.


As a UKCP registered psychotherapist I adhere to the UKCP code of professional standards and ethics. UKCP does not permit the publishing of client testimonials. (Testimonials are required, by law, to be verifiable and traceable, which compromises client confidentiality). As assurance of my professional experience I offer a testimonial from a therapist that I trained (I teach for the National College of Hypno-psychotherapy in addition to my work as a therapist)

 “Alison is a very professional and skilled tutor. I have learned so many useful techniques, backed up by current research and best practice. Her skills are clearly based on the foundation of a sound ethical practice and she brings this to life in her lectures. As an individual, Alison is very kind, compassionate, and very patient with a manner that is very approachable, while maintaining the boundaries of a true professional” 

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