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I'm Sharmita, Founder of MumsCorp

As a professional and a mum of two, I know how challenging it is to build a career or business, alongside the time constraints and responsibilities of raising children, as well as just managing daily life.

I've also experienced the difficulty in finding employed positions that offer the flexibility many mums want, to care for their children around school hours and through the holidays, that prompts so many to start working for themselves (mums now account for 1 in 7 of all self-employed people in the UK)

There is an amazing array of talent and professional skills available amongst mums, and a need for all time-strapped mums to quickly find local services and help they can rely on.

That's why I set up MumsCorp.

A mum-to-mum network, that allows self-employed mums to promote their valuable services and expertise to their local communities of fellow mums, who want an easy way to find recommended providers they can trust.

It's a way for mums to support mums, and help improve each others lives and businesses.

I hope you'll get behind all the hard working mums across Oxfordshire by using MumsCorp and sharing it with other mums today! x

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