Oxford, OX2
Chemistry Tutor
Free trial lesson, then £60-90/hr for one to one tuition and from £15-35/hr per student for groups

Hi, I'm Ezi. I'm a mum of two teens, and moved to Oxford from London in 2010. After gaining a First Class Honours in my chemistry degree and a PhD, I moved into teaching, and have been teaching chemistry for over 20 years.

I offer chemistry tuition for GCSE and A-Level chemistry, either as support for those at school or for home-schooled students.

I am a total geek about chemistry and I'm not ashamed of it! I absolutely want each and every one of my students to get at least a tingle of that feeling through their A Level or GCSE courses.

Lessons with me are tailored to each student: your pace, your priorities, your questions. I have written my own resources for all topics across GCSE and A Level chemistry for all the main exam boards and can help you understand the content of your course much more quickly than you would do in a school setting alone.

I don't presume anything and the approach can therefore be applied in all situations: from 'top-up' of what your school is doing as you go along, maybe to push to a higher grade or prediction, right through to home-schooling from scratch and also retake students.

Lessons are conversational, with my notes for each topic that we annotate as we go along, question practice as necessary, and video resources where relevant. If you come to my home in Oxford, then there are also the Molymods that we also use when appropriate and various other things that I have on my shelves that I pull out if the conversation goes that way!

If you do get in touch with me and are looking for regular tuition, rather than a couple of lessons to sort out a specific problem, then I always give new students a free trial lesson so that you can see what lessons with me are actually like.

I teach online via Skype and from my home in Oxford.

I'm available at the following times:
9am - 6pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
9am - 4:30pm Wednesdays & Fridays
9am - 12:30pm on Saturdays

My hourly rate for one to one tuition is £90, discounted to £60 for state sector students in or near Oxford.

Ideal for a group of friends from the same school, groups can be:
2 students at an hourly rate of £35 per student
3-4 students at an hourly rate of £25 per student
5-6 students at an hourly rate of £15 per student

Could possibly be extended to larger groups for a further rate reduction. 

Please contact me here to arrange a call or for more information. Testimonials included below.


"Ezi is an exquisite tutor who, having only started lessons in the second year of A level studies, helped me improve my grade from a predicted C to my final result of a solid A. However, I would argue that more importantly, Ezi teaches with a passion that would make anyone kindle an interest in chemistry. I enjoyed our lessons so much that I am now switching from a physics-oriented university course to a chemistry-oriented university course. If you're a student struggling with motivation, interest or general A level content in chemistry, look no further than Ezi Williams."

Felix -  Ex-Cherwell School 2019

Achieved an A in chemistry

"Ezi completely transformed my confidence surrounding Chemistry A-level. She has been amazing and has helped me out so much when it comes to genuinely understanding chemistry concepts rather than memorising what the textbooks have to say about them. She has not only been patient with all the questions I’ve had to ask but also so willing to answer them all until I have completely grasped the full concept. I don’t have enough praise for Ezi and I am very lucky to have had to incredible tutoring!"

Coco - Headington School leaver 2019

Achieved an A* in chemistry, went on to study medicine  

"Ezi's help was absolutely invaluable in helping me get the A grade in Chemistry that I needed to go to my chosen university. Ezi is extremely generous with her time and her abundance of detailed notes proved a vital addition to school resources. Ezi is able to explain the most complicated A-level concepts both clearly and concisely; she is always patient, even if you make the same mistakes each week (!); she has a contagious passion for Chemistry, meaning that by the end of Year 13, I learned not just to understand, but to love the subject."

John - Bartholomew School leaver 2019

Achieved an A in chemistry, went on to read History at Cambridge