Registered Nutritional Therapist

Abingdon, OX14
 From £80/90 mins

Using a functional medicine approach with prescribed nutrition and tailor made supplementation, to help you reach your optimal health

I have a clinic in Abingdon and also offer video consultations

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Reiki & Energetic Techniques Therapist


Didcot, OX11
£20/1 hr

Energetic Techniques are used to re-establish a harmonious flow of the energy in all systems, lines and energetic centres of our body.  I've treated issues around weight - low self esteem - sleep disorder - stress - managing distressing situations.

I do Reiki Tao To Qi from a distance and can do all these energetic techniques on Skype or Zoom

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Personal Trainer & Pilates Coach

Kidlington, OX5

Inspiring clients to be as passionate about fitness as I am, I deliver bespoke Personal Training programmes across Oxfordshire to help you meet your individual goals and deliver excellent sustainable results

<<Online Pilates Classes & Outdoor Group Sessions available>>
I cover most of Oxfordshire

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Behavioural Coach

Oxford, OX2
From £166/session

Working with you to remove limiting beliefs that are holding you back, gain real clarity on what you want to achieve personally and professionally, and the tools and confidence to make it happen

Most clients visit me to ensure a private uninterrupted experience.
I also offer coaching by phone or Skype

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Stonesfield, Witney, OX29
£70/consultation + first treatment

Acupuncture is one of the safest and longest established forms of health care. I provide acupuncture for stress reduction, pain relief, arthritis, migraine, fatigue, hormone imbalance and more.

I have a tranquil clinic in Stonesfield and also do home visits in the Oxfordshire area

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Mobile Massage Therapist

Kidlington, OX5 
£45/ 1 hour

Looking after mums - pregnancy, postnatal and therapeutic massages in the comfort of your own home.

I work across Oxfordshire

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From £75/hr

A solution-focused therapy helpful in resolving problems arising from stress, anxiety, habits, trauma and unhelpful thinking styles to achieve "the best you"

Appointments are in Oxford 

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Colour & Style Image Consultant

Bicester, OX26
From £65/hr

Helping you to discover the real you and purposefully yet effortlessly dress your body shape and personality in every aspect of your personal & professional life.

I cover Oxford, Bicester, Banbury, Witney, Wantage & Abingdon.

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Personal Trainer & Pilates instructor (pre & post natal)

Witney, OX28

Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor, Pre and Post Natal with the GP Referral. I can ensure you enjoy your exercise, are challenged, and want to come back for more!

<<I am running my Pilates classes online on zoom during Covid-19. New clients first class FREE. Read for more details>>

I cover Witney and also teach classes in Shipton under Wychwood

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Women's Health Personal Trainer

Abingdon, OX13
<<Online classes & outdoor PT available>> 
£45/private session £6/classes

Female health specialist for pre and postnatal women. Advanced pilates instructor, back pain, abdominal healing, pelvic floor and menopause expertise.

<<We are offering all classes including Pilates, Buggyfit, Fit4birth and Baby Massage sessions live via zoom. Personal Training and small group exercise is now able to happen face to face in an outdoor environment, adhering to strict hygiene and social distancing regulations - please enquire>>

I cover Abingdon, Oxford, Wantage, Didcot & surrounding villages

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Physiotherapist & Pilates Teacher

Didcot, OX11
£40/initial appointment

Physiotherapy involves looking at the whole body to see what and where the problem is. I have many years of experience helping people reduce their pain, improve their fitness and activity

I have clinics on Harwell Campus and in Didcot

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Wheatley & Oxford
£85/90 min initial consultation

A holistic system of alternative medicine which is gentle and effective for all ages. Some of the most common conditions I help treat include allergies, eczema digestive complaints, asthma, problems with periods and during menopause, anxiety, depression &  difficulties with sleep.
I work from two clinics, in Wheatley & Oxford

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Hormone Nutritionist

Optimal Hormonal Health programmes starting from £125

I specialise in supporting women during perimenopause and menopause through personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes, group workshops and talks

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Professional Reflexologist

Abingdon, OX14

Providing support for fertility, pregnancy and post pregnancy. Helping you become more relaxed, reducing tension, improving sleep and mood

I offer mobile treatments for Abingdon, Wallingford, Benson, Didcot, Sutton Courtney, Steventon and Drayton

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Health & Fitness Coach

Woodstock, OX20
From £30/hr multiple sessions

I develop personal training programmes for my clients, this can be on a 1-2-1 basis or they can enlist on my online platform and receive their workouts through email or by logging into their account. Training plans can be paired with nutrition plans.

I cover a 10 mile radius

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Registered Osteopath


Oxford, OX4

I provide hands on treatment to both adults and children. In Osteopathy we use a number of techniques such as massage, stretching and manipulation.

I run a practice in Iffley

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Reiki teacher & practitioner

Bicester, OX27
From £20/hr

Reiki can help reduce stress & anxiety, bring peace & spiritual growth, balances the emotions. Helps the body's own ability to heal. Animals can benefit from Reiki too
I cover Bicester, Brackley and surrounding areas

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Witney, OX28
£60/initial consultation + first treatment

A healing, nurturing therapy where a persons energy or 'Qi ' is rebalanced enabling them to gain improved health and a greater sense of well being.

I work in Witney

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Mobile Massage Therapist

£60/full body massage

Providing luxury beauty and massage treatments in the comfort of your own home.

I cover all of Oxfordshire

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Personal Trainer

Didcot, OX11
From £40/hr for multiple sessions

A bespoke personal training service for women offering both pre and postnatal services and pelvic floor recovery

I have a clinic in Milton and can sometimes travel within the Didcot area

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Reiki Practitioner

Minster Lovell, Witney OX29

I offer hands on healing treatments, and courses to support all aspects of your well being, to help balance your mind, body and emotions.

Treatments are from my home salon in Minster Lovell

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Personal Trainer

Oxford, OX3

Guiding post natal (and beyond) mums to safely rebuild strength and achieve their fitness goals.

I cover Headington and close by

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Women's Health Coach PT

Abingdon OX14 / Oxford OX1
From £50/hr

I’m a qualified personal trainer and licensed Holistic Core Restore® Coach, pelvic floor, diastasis (tummy gap) pre & post natal specialist.

I cover Abingdon & Oxford

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Registered Osteopath

Oxford, OX33

Swift effective pain relief with a listening ear. If I can't get you feeling better in three treatments I am not doing a good job.

I have a home based clinic in Wheatley

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Mobile Reflexologist

Thame, OX9
£35/ first treatment

Balance the mind and body while experiencing ultimate relaxation to improve your health and well-being

I travel to client's houses within a 10 mile radius of Thame

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Faringdon, SN7
From £47/treatment

Help with relieving pain, restoring function and educating on self-management and appropriate exercise programmes for ante-natal & post natal women. I specialise in helping peri- and post-menopausal women.
I work from clinics in Faringdon and Highworth

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Oxford, OX2
From £40/treatment

A holistic therapy that seeks to balance and relax mind and body. I have advanced training in maternity and fertility reflexology

I see clients at my house in Botley

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Physiotherapist & Elderly Support Specialist

Kiddington, OX20
Free phone consultation, then £25-£100/hr

We are passionate about helping older people get the most out of life and stay independent, by supporting them at home to improve their well being.

We do home visits across Oxfordshire

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Yoga Teacher & Thai Yoga Massage Therapist


Abingdon, OX14
Online from £40/hr
Zoom group classes available

Teaching the art of breathing, as a way of connecting our mind to our body. 

I can travel within 5 miles of Abingdon, but prefer to treat at my place with easy to hand props and the right space

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Physiotherapist & Nutritional Therapist

Abingdon, OX14
From £35-60/session

Specialising in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy I use manual therapy as well as classic and sports massage, acupressure massage, Pilates, lymphatic drainage, nutritional therapy and iridology to achieve optimum health and support self healing

I work from my home clinic in Abingdon

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Counsellor & Psychotherapist

East Hagbourne, OX11

I see people for short or longterm psychodynamic counselling.

I work from a clinic in Aston Tirrold

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Family Chiropractor

Deddington, OX15
£65/£37 initial consultation/treatment
£40/£22 children

Providing family focused Chiropractic care with special interest in pregnancy and paediatrics. Our goal is to provide pain relief, comfort and improved function across the spine and pelvis.

I work from my clinic in Deddington, Banbury

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Registered Osteopath

Lower Heyford, OX25

I can help ease all sorts of aches and pains (back, neck, hips, feet, headaches, pregnancy discomfort etc) as well as giving you advice and exercises to help you look after yourself better.

I work from clinics in Lower Heyford nr. Bicester & Summertown, Oxford

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Mobile Beautician & Massage Therapist


Wantage, OX12
From £10/treatmen

A range of treatments from massage and facials, to manicures and pedicures in your home or my new beauty room in Wantage.

I cover Oxford, Headington, Abingdon & Wantage

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Nutritional Therapist

Thame, OX9

From £180/consultation package

I work with people looking to address their specific health goals coaching them to make the right diet and lifestyle choices to optimise their health.

I see clients in Thame with skype/phone calls for support. I can travel within 20 miles for talks & workshops

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Chipping Norton, OX7
From £30/treatment

A Reflexologist supporting good health and relaxation.

I work from treatment rooms in Chipping Norton & Whichford

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Personal Trainer & Running Coach

Wantage, OX12
From £36/hr

Helping Women get fitter & stronger through bespoke 1:1 personal training. Pre & postnatal trained. England athletics running coach offering group Coach to 5k programs and beyond.

I have a private studio in Wantage and cover the local area & surrounding villages 

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Dry Sandford, OX13
Adults from £40/treatment
Children £35/hr

Creating a sense of deep relaxation to improve your feelings of well-being and help relieve symptoms of stress.

I work from my treatment room in Dry Sandford

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Yoga Teacher

Islip, OX5
From £50/hr

A Hatha Yoga teacher that can help support a student to de-stress, build strength, create flexibility and connect more fully with their breath.

<<I am running online classes during Covid-19. Read for more details>>

I teach from my yoga studio at home but will travel occasionally within the ring road.

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Yoga Instructor

Bampton, OX18

Mindful flow yoga with a focus on alignment and the breath to help empower and relax.

I prefer to work locally but can travel up to 15 miles (inc. Abingdon)

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Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dorchester-on-Thames, OX10
Free initial consultation
then £55/hr

Helping you to maximise your potential and find the real you.

I work from my home clinic in Dorchester

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Youth Counsellor

Oxford, OX2
£55/online session & £60/face to face. Discounted first session

Counselling provides a safe and confidential space to explore issues that are causing emotional challenge. It can facilitate a better understanding of oneself and a sense of empowerment. I offer sessions online and face-to-face

I offer sessions online and face-to-face

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Family Psychotherapist

Oxford, OX2
From £50/session
Free initial phone consultation

I work in the NHS and run a small private practice offering time limited interventions for pre and post natal issues, parenting and teenage/young adult therapy.

I offer sessions online and face-to-face

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Yoga Teacher

Abingdon, OX14
Virtual classes from £25/month

Join me for a virtual class, group session or  private class. Yoga can help at any time during a mum's busy life!

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Business & Life Support

Goring-on-Thames, RG8
From £30/hr

Freelance Business Manager with huge amounts of enthusiasm and experience to successfully support you. Admin Support, Bookkeeper, Event Support, Office Manager, Private PA.

I am happy to work remotely or within a 10 mile radius of Goring on Thames

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Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist

Pangbourne, RG8
From £80/session

Individual psychotherapy & Parent consultations, for young adults (18+) and adults to help understand and improve what might get in the way of your capacity to sustain fruitful relationships, engage in meaningful and fulfilling activities, and experience pleasure in life.

I offer sessions online, by phone and face-to-face

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Fully Qualified Driving Instructor

Abingdon, OX14

Driving lessons for all ages and abilities.

I offer lessons in Abingdon, Oxford and surrounding areas

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Mobile Beauty & Massage Therapist

Abingdon, OX14
From £8/treatment

Mani & pedi, facials, massage & waxing in the comfort of your own home.

I cover 15 miles radius of Abingdon inc. Didcot, Cowley, Yarnton, Kidlington

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Abingdon, OX14

Get the life you deserve by making positive changes with Hypnotherapy, safe and drug free. Many issues can be treated including stress, fears and many more. 

I work from my home clinic in Abingdon

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Yoga Instructor

Abingdon, OX14
1: 1 £30/hr
Lessons from £10

A safe yoga program that will help build strength, develop flexibility and mindfulness. My style of yoga is to be adapted to each human being, to suit their personalities and capabilities.

I run lessons in Abingdon and happy to travel 10 miles around

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