Abingdon, OX14
Physiotherapist & Nutritional Therapist
From £35-60/session

<<At this moment I am allowed to see clients in my clinic only in case of emergency, doing a risk assessment for infection prevention of the client and myself >>

Hello, I'm Irene. I am self employed as a Physiotherapist and Nutritional Therapist, specialising in sports physiotherapy and natural health. I am married to David my husband and have 2 children who are now adults.

I am a chartered Physiotherapist, registered with the Health & Care Professions Council. I obtained a diploma in Nutritional Therapy with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London in 2006, later adding Naturopathy and Iridology.

I treat back, neck and a range of sports injuries which compliments recovery for sports training. I also treat auto-immune conditions, car traffic injuries and whiplash, post operative rehabilitation, headaches and migraines.
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapists receive extensive training in anatomy, physiology and pathology: they have an excellent understanding of how the body works and what happens when things go wrong. Often a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist has to assess clients modern pharmaceutical drug plan and then work out protocols to combine with 'natural medicines' with the aim that the reliance on modern drugs can be reduced (by the GP or consultant) and sometimes even eliminated. The body can then be re-balanced and the natural healing energy of the body restored.

Initially a deep level of individual assessment will be done in order to establish the root cause of the illness. On-going assessment is usually done on a monthly basis initially and treatment plans changed accordingly.

I work from my home clinic in Abingdon.

My availability is Monday-Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday mornings.

Prices are:
- £35 for a Physiotherapy treatment session of 30-40 minutes
- £60 for Nutritional Therapy sessions

Please contact me here for more information or to arrange a treatment. Testimonials included below


"I have been referred to Irene on 3 separate occasions mainly for neck tension and tendon injuries where she has treated me with gentle manual therapy, massage and given me advice on exercises to help strengthen the injured parts of my body. Irene is passionate and dedicated in what she does and at the end of the each of the sessions I have been able to continue with doing the activities that I love such as going to the gym, dancing and gardening. On my first visit 3 years ago Irene used Iridology and nutritional therapy which improved my general health reducing inflammation. She is brilliant and does an amazing job. I would recommend her to all friends and family and I can't thank her enough."

Serena Hawthorne


"I was treated in the past by Irene after having my first child and found the nutritional advice alongside the physical physiotherapy really helped so she was the obvious choice when more recently I've struggled with back and pelvic pain. After just the first treatment which included acupressure massage the severe pain I'd been trying to manage with prescribed painkillers had been greatly reduced. I have a busy lifestyle and Irene can rebalance me with nutritional recommendations, supplements and acupressure massage as well as manipulative therapy. I’d definitely recommend Irene and find the nutritional advice extremely interesting."

Amy Whalley


"I have been seeing Irene for over 6 months now and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who needs physiotherapy as well as general wellbeing advice. I came first to see her through AXA PPP health insurance and later continued with private treatments. Over the months, she has addressed a number of various health issues and even helped to identify a gastric condition that I was not aware of for which I am now being treated through my GP. Irene has always been very accommodating to my need for evening appointments as I wanted to minimise disruption to my work time. In addition to the physiotherapy, she’s also introduced me to blood type based dietary requirement which I found very useful."

Magda Waclawiak


"As a runner I was poor at dealing with injuries and either tried to run through them or gave up and switched to cycling. I first used Irene when nagged by my wife to seek treatment for an annoying sciatic problem which caused pain in my leg when I ran a longer distance or had a long car journey. Irene immediately identified the problem and soon I was able to run and drive without any discomfort. This was just part of the changes which Irene encouraged me to take: she rightly challenged me about my stretching and strengthening exercises (or lack of!) and showed me exercises to compliment my body and running targets. She also correctly identified stomach problems and she gave nutritional advice that helped improve my digestion. The result of Irene's support is that in 2019 I ran 1000 miles in a year for the first time, won several age wins over 5k and 10k and also got my athletics club age group record for 20 miles. I continue to use Irene but now at the first sign of pain and to get support in my core strength, stretching and general health, which has also included relieving pain in lower back pain, pelvis and neck."

Colin Tapley


"I had an accident and had some neck and back injury and was asked to go to Irene for some physio therapy and after every section my neck and back was getting better until it completely went and has never been so good. Also sprained my ankle and damaged my Achilles’ tendon witch was unbelievable painful but went to see Irene and she was doing something called lymphatic drainage which hurt at the time but I was soon on the mend and before long was walking normally. Irene is very professional person that is very good at her job."

Steve Carter