Abingdon, OX14
Yoga Instructor
From £10/lesson + £30/hr 1:1

Hi, I'm Maricela. I'm a yogi mum looking after two precious human beings. I have been involved in yoga for the last 9 years and when I had the opportunity to live in the city of Pune, India (hearth of yoga) I decided to become a yoga instructor.

My style of yoga is to be adapted to each human being, to suit their personalities and capabilities. A safe yoga program that will help build strength, develop flexibility and mindfulness.

Yoga is not only for flexible bodies. In fact, Yoga brings balance between strength and flexibility.

I customize Yoga postures depending on age and health of the member. Yoga is a “way of life” and not restricted to the yoga mat.

In small steps, we take Yoga beyond asanas and breathing practices, for Yoga is as much about healthy living as it is about healthy thinking.

I have the following training:
- Hatha safety yoga, paramyoga school (Pune, India, 2015)
- Vinyasa & power yoga, totalyoga school (Pune, India, 2016)
- Yoga therapy. Paramyoga school (Pune, India, 2017)
- Workshop awakening .OSho academy. (Pune, India, 2018) - Prenantal and Postnatal yoga. Paramyoga (Pune, India, 2019)

I work in Abingdon and 10 miles around

My availability is Monday to Saturday.

Prices are:

- 1:1 Yoga therapy (Knee, back, neck & shoulders) £30/hr.
- Lessons at centre in Abingdon £60 for 6 classes

Please contact me here for more information. Testimonials included below.


"Maricela always prepares a special programme for me to help my scoliosis. Thank you Maricela."



"I really enjoyed our lock down sessions with Maricela classes. She is a very good teacher an amazing human being!"



"Holding postures are a good challenge and I loved the meditation part. I had a really positive vibration in my body afterwards."