Kidlington, OX5
Personal Trainer & Pilates Coach (Adults & Children 10-19 yrs)
<<Online Pilates Live sessions via Zoom & Small Outdoor Group Sessions>>

Hi. I'm Marieta, born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I studied International Economic Relations at University of Plovdiv before moving to the UK where I have lived for the past 16 years.

When I came to the UK I trained as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Coach and Fitness Instructor. I now have an 11 year old daughter, and currently work across Oxfordshire in various Fitness Centres instructing classes.

I am a personal trainer working with clients on a one to one basis, providing specific training sessions tailored to your individual requirements.

I also provide tailored individual Pilates sessions, as well as personal training workouts for children who are in age group 10 - 19 years (Currently I have a contract to teach Pilates in North Kidlington Primary School which my daughter attends).

<<During Covid-19 I am teaching small group face-to-face sessions keeping the required 2 metres social distance and being outdoors. 1-to-2 or 1-to-4 can be introduced at the clients' garden (if the client wishes so) or my garden, or in the park from £11-£15 pp.

I am also running Online Pilates Live sessions via Zoom on: 
Mondays - 6.30pm
Tuesdays - 09.30am
Wednesdays 09.30am
A block of 4 sessions in a row is £30.00>>

I'm committed to working with you to help you meet your personal goals and deliver excellent sustainable results not just quick fixes. My ethos is that exercise should be fun and should be something that you look forward to - alongside the physical and mental rewards.

I specialise in all forms of health and fitness training, utilising in-depth knowledge and methods with proven track records of success within the fitness industry. My training includes diet & lifestyle support as this is essential in ensuring you are in the best position to reach and exceed your goals.

If you struggle with a muscular or postural injury that causes pain or discomfort, which restricts movement or prevents you from enjoying certain activities or you need help to recover from a chronic injury, operation or illness back to full fitness, personal training can help you.

Personal training either takes place at your home, at a studio in The Practice Rooms in North Oxford, or at the gym in Kidlington & Gosford Leisure Centre.

Following your initial session where I will review your needs, a program will be designed to meet your specific requirements to reach and surpass your goals. Programs are designed to be both physically and mentally challenging by using a wide variety of techniques and modalities, while keeping the structured exercise fun yet challenging.

Personal training sessions can also be booked for two people, so if you want to train with your partner or friend, then I am more than happy to accommodate you both.

I cover most of Oxfordshire, and currently hold classes in Oxford, Kidlington, Abingdon & Witney. I run classes throughout the week & can generally fit in with clients to suit their needs.

Prices are £45 per person per hour for a single session, held at your home. Reductions are offered for multiple sessions. Prices also available on request to hold classes in a local gym.

Please contact me here to arrange a chat or for more information. Testimonials included below.


"I met Marieta in Nuffield Health and Racquet Sports Centre Oxford around 2 years ago. Having both Personal training and Pilates coach experience she assures her clients are given suitable exercise options for their fitness level. This was very important to me as I felt confident enough in her classes being a Pilates beginner. Marieta also constantly monitors and corrects postures during lessons which has increased my body awareness and the right muscle group engagement. I truly enjoy my Pilates sessions with her"



"I’d like to recommend Marieta Fitness Pilates classes to everyone, who enjoys gentle exercises. She is very approachable and could be asked any questions in case you have any specific health requirements. Her classes helped me to improve my posture, muscle tone, balance and mobility, as well as relieve the stress and tension in my back. She is a very caring Pilates teacher. She shows the class how to do the exercises in the most effective way. I thoroughly enjoy her class and feel so energized after it. "



"I have attended Marieta's Pilates classes for about 18 months. I enjoy knowing that each class challenges me in a very safe way, feeling well stretched afterwards. Great to have a bit of a laugh and improve fitness too!"



"I have been attending Marieta’s Pilates classes for a couple of years. She is always very friendly, welcoming new people personally, checking no one has any physical concerns and creating a warm, social environment. She pays attention to how each of us do the exercises, often giving individual instruction on technique. While you feel you have worked in her classes, none of the exercises go on too long to create discomfort."

Margaret - Teacher


"I have been attending Marieta's class for the past six months. She is a very skilled teacher - encouraging, patient and a good communicator. I find the classes quite active which I enjoy."

Emma - Retired