Deddington, OX15
Family Chiropractor
£65/£37 initial consultation/treatment (£40/£22 children)

Hi, I'm Melanie.  I'm originally from Berkshire, but moved to Middleton Cheney 5 years ago. I graduated in 2007, having completed my Masters’ degree at one of Europe’s most respected Chiropractic universities, the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, and then worked in several practices across the south of England.

I decided to set up my own clinic in Deddington after doing locum work and home visits following the arrival of our beautiful daughter almost 5 years ago. I also have a soon to be 7 year old son with crazy energy, who keeps us laughing and on our toes every day.

Since becoming a mum, my love for family focused chiropractic care has increased immensely! I have such a big passion for pregnancy and paediatric Chiropractic care as it can make such a difference to pregnancy both in terms of comfort during this time and birth.

To me, this makes the follow on all the more obvious - checking these precious new spines to ensure they have the very best start to life on the outside. This is more often helping their little bodies to be more comfortable following strains sustained during birth or in utero which can often turn into or show up as problems feeding, sleeping, or constipation just to name a few.

I offer chiropractic care through gentle joint manipulation to ease spinal and pelvic dysfunctions that can cause aches and pains. I am experienced and a have a special interest in pregnancy care, babies and children of all ages to help give them the best start in life and reach their potential.

I am registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). I am also registered with Bupa and AXA PPP.

I work from my clinic in Deddington, near Banbury.

My availability is:
Monday-Friday 10-2pm
Monday and Thursday evenings 5.20pm-late
Out of hours appointments available on special request only 

Prices are:
£65 initial consultation Adult (£40 Child).
£37 adjustment visit Adult (£22 Child).
Number of adjustment visits required (if appropriate) varies and is dependant on each patient.

Please contact me here to discuss further or to book a consultation. Testimonials included below


"I started to see Melanie at around 28 weeks pregnant in my second pregnancy while suffering with some painful SPD. After explaining my traumatic first birth which resulted in a forceps delivery, Melanie not only worked to realign my pelvis (ridding me totally of the SPD pain within around 3 treatments!) but managed to maintain a good alignment for the remainder of my pregnancy. I was anxious about my baby being back to back and so wanted to give my pelvis the best chance and baby the greatest space. Not only did Melanie support my physical preparations, but she provided enormous support emotionally while I prepared for birth, advising me about hypnobirthing , recommending a doula, lending me reading materials from her small library, and most importantly reminding me of my body’s natural ability to birth. Unfortunately I went past 42 weeks of pregnancy and took the difficult decision to be induced, saying goodbye to my home birth dream. I used Melanie’s recommended doula and ended up having the natural, drug free birth I wanted, delivering a 10lb11 baby girl with just some gas and air at the end! She was in the perfect position and, along with my hypnobirthing skills, that made the vast majority of my labour perfectly manageable. I would recommend Melanie to anyone wanting to support their body to ‘do its thing’ during pregnancy and birth, it was the best money I spent on pregnancy care and I am so grateful. Melanie was also absolutely wonderful with my 2 year old toddler, and made a real fuss of him on every visit: she is well equipped with toys and stickers to keep little ones entertained!"



"Melanie saw my 18 month old son who was refusing to sleep and constantly waking since he was born! After the first appointment Melanie was able to tell that he was out of line in a couple of areas and after the first adjustment he slept a whole 12hours. The treatment provided was non intrusive and has made a HUGE difference to our family. Would highly recommend"