Bicester, OX26
Colour and Style Image Consultant
From £65/hr

Hi, I am Nicola. I live in Bicester with my husband and children Emmy and Freddie. I have spent most of my career as a primary school teacher but I took a huge leap of faith to leave three years ago to become an Image Consultant, having experienced the benefits for myself.

I love to work with people to discover the best version of themselves; I am privileged to witness the confidence and marginal gains that brings for each and every person.

I am an award winning Personal Stylist offering the best and most accurate colour and style analysis available on the market. I tackle all those pain points about getting dressed every day and knowing what to buy in the first place - most women wear only 15% of the their wardrobe, which means that 85% is a mistake. Often a very expensive mistake.

I help you to avoid clothing errors, to be visible, memorable, express your competencies without saying a word, increase your confidence and make marginal gains personally and professionally. Gains are emotional, practical and financial.

I offer the following services to build your ultimate 'dress the authentic you' toolkit:
* Colour Analysis
* Comprehensive Personal Styling
* Personalised skincare and make-up workshop
* Wardrobe edits
* Personal shopping
* Continued support and guidance

I am a qualified House of Colour Personal Stylist and Colour Analyst. I have a First Class BA Hons degree in Primary Teacher Education with Qualified Teacher Status.

I made the decision three years ago to leave teaching to become a Personal Stylist / Image Consultant, having decided that I must either single-handedly change the education system or my place within it. My love for what I do now has stemmed firstly from my passion for teaching, learning and development and secondly from having been a client of House of Colour myself.

15 years ago I was on maternity leave, I was my last priority then I was invited to attend a corporate dinner with my husband. What does one wear to a corporate dinner (a whole world away from my life at the time)? I had to buy an outfit. I tried everything on, hated it all and became so frustrated and worn out that I cried. That was the point at which I realised I needed help with what to wear. The rest is history, as they say.

Colour and Style sessions usually take place in my home studio. 

I travel to clients’ homes for Wardrobe Reviews and to agreed locations for Personal Shopping. I cover the areas of Oxford, Bicester, Banbury, Witney, Wantage and Abingdon.

I also travel to businesses for business or corporate training and workshops; and I travel to deliver talks about dressing to groups and organisations.

My availability is on weekdays and Saturdays. Some sessions are suitable for evenings. Colour analysis sessions require natural daylight.

Prices vary per service. Colour and Styling are priced per session.
Wardrobe Edits and Personal Shopping are priced per hour (£65)
Colour Analysis £155-£225
Personal Styling £210-£300
Skincare and Make-up workshop £60 (this workshop is complimentary when you have completed Colour and Style). Bespoke, fast track and business packages available too.

Please contact me here to arrange a conversation or for more information. Testimonials included below.


"You have known me for just a few hours and you have really got to the bottom of who I am. I loved our shopping trip where you modeled how to put all my newfound colour and style knowledge into practise. I was pulling 'hide-me' clothes off the rail when we went shopping and you pulled out a wrap dress that I would not have chosen, I was even reluctant to try it on. When I did I almost cried. It was me! I felt a huge release that you'd discovered me. The dress made me look slim and elegant and I cannot describe how I feel in it. Not only that, you showed me how I can style it to work for me from casual through date night through to a special occasion. I am going to get so much wear out of it. You saved me from buying countless things "that will do". I cannot thank you enough. "



"Working with Nicola on Colour, Style, Make-up and Shopping is the best personal investment I have ever made and my highlight of 2019. What is more, I have that knowledge forever!"