Oxford, OX2
Paediatric Acupuncturist
£50/initial consultation (remote and face-to-face)

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I run an acupuncture clinic solely for young people from birth to 18 years old. I treat babies and children with a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions.

I am a licensed acupuncturist, have been practising for 20 years and am a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

I am the author of the definitive textbook on paediatric acupuncture, and lecture internationally on the subject.

I treat from my clinic in Wolvercote, North Oxford.

I also offer remote consultations where I can:

-Take an in-depth history of your child’s case, including a full health and personal history
-Make a Chinese Medicine diagnosis which is unique to your child
-Teach you (the parent) some paediatric medical massage to address your child’s symptoms, which you can perform at home on a daily basis
-Teach you (the parent) acupressure you can use on your child at home
-Discuss possible tweaks to your child’s lifestyle, aimed specifically at easing their symptoms
-Discuss possible dietary changes to help your child feel better

My children's clinics are usually: Mondays from 9am to 7pm, and Thursdays from 9am to 7pm.

Initial appointments are between £50-£60. Subsequent treatments are £30-£40 (depending on the child's age).

Please contact me here for more information. Testimonials included below.


"Our daughter last year went from being a super confident child to suddenly becoming very anxious. We had to re-locate due to work as a family so she had to move house, school and further away from grandparents. This completely knocked her confidence and she started to get separation anxiety. It became so bad that Sunday nights she would be physically sick, thinking about having to go to school and leave us. Rebecca was recommended to us by friends who I am grateful for as the outcome has been amazing. Even after the first treatment we started to see a difference and how our daughter began to get emotionally stronger. Now a few treatments on we have our confident little girl back who runs into school without looking back. Rebecca is amazing with the children, she puts them at ease and listens to them, giving them time to open up to her and feel confident in her. As a family Rebecca is highly recommended and we are so grateful we found her."

Mum of 6 year old girl with anxiety


"Rebecca has helped me and my family more than I can say. My son was really struggling with his emotions, his feelings of frustration and low self esteem. After just a few sessions transformation could be seen in every aspect. This had a direct and positive impact on our whole family. As a teenager who struggled with learning he needed so much support and finding Rebecca was literally the best thing we ever did. Now at 15 he can articulate his own physical body awareness and emotions, it has balanced his moods and his whole approach to life just says ‘happiness’ – it shines from his eyes. I couldn’t recommend Rebecca enough to do her justice."

Mum of 14 yr old boy with dyslexia


"My 4 year old son, Rowan, has been having acupuncture regularly with Rebecca for just over a year and we both love his sessions with her! Thanks to the acupuncture and some simple dietary and lifestyle advice from Rebecca, Rowan has avoided having to have surgery for grommets and the removal of his adenoids. Where once a cold would turn into months of snot, coughs and terrible hearing it feels like Rowan’s experience is more ‘normal’ and that dreaded snot doesn’t last! It’s been quite a long journey, but right from the start I noticed subtle changes to Rowan’s health and also his behaviour . During a session with Rebecca it has been lovely to see him really open up in the safe, nurturing, Rowan centred space that she creates. Somewhere that’s just for him to shine bright! Thanks to Rebecca we’ve avoided surgery and Rowan has had a wonderful experience along the way."

Mum of 4 year old boy with chronic glue ear & cough


"Rebecca provides unbelievably kind, professional and effective care. By the time we explored acupuncture as a treatment, our daughter had undergone three years of ill-health, with ever more extreme and invasive conventional medical treatments, and had only just received a formal diagnosis. I wish we had sought Rebecca out sooner. Rebecca has worked with us gently and compassionately to improve our daughter’s health, always working alongside, and respectful of, the conventional medical input that we still receive.She warned us that it might be a long road, but in fact most of our daughter’s symptoms have already been vastly improved. I could not believe the difference even after our first session – our daughter went in extremely agitated and with really severe insomnia (among other symptoms!), and came out calm and able to sleep. Since then, many other symptoms have also improved hugely in response to acupressure. I feel very lucky to have found a practitioner who really listens to our experiences and understands their impact on the whole family. And, most importantly, my daughter has a space where she is treated with huge sensitivity and respect, and has been helped back to health. Our daughter sums it up best – this is straight from her; “Rebecca is really kind; I look forward to seeing her, and she’s made me feel better and happy.”

Mum of 5 year old girl with severe food allergy