Oxford OX4
Registered Osteopath/Paediatric Osteopath

Hi, I'm Summeara. I live in Oxford with my husband and two daughters ages 8 and 10. I am a Registered Osteopath and I treat both adults and children.

I am an experienced osteopath with postgraduate training. I have been a registered Osteopath since 2007 graduating with honours from Oxford Brookes University.

My postgraduate studies at the British School of Osteopathy makes me one of the very few Osteopaths with certification in Specialist Paediatric Osteopathic practice, for treating children.

I offer half an hour sessions where I examine and diagnose your problem and treat you hands on. I can give advice on stretching and exercise.

Osteopaths most commonly treat neck, back and shoulder pain but treatment is also beneficial for:
frozen shoulder
arthritic pain
tennis elbow
minor sports injuries

I am based at my practice in Iffley. Patients come from all over Oxfordshire.

My availability is Monday-Saturday.

Price is £48 for each treatment. Appointments are 30 mins. (Paediatric patients have a 45 min initial appointment, all other appointments are 30 mins).

Please contact me here to arrange a treatment or for more information. Testimonials included below.


"Thank you so much, Summeara, this was brilliant. Summeara was professional, friendly, easy to talk to, and clearly an expert. I decided to book an appointment with her as none of us are getting any younger (I'm 62) and I was beginning to experience a few aches and pains after gardening, housework or being on my feet all day at work. She gave excellent treatment and sound advice and suggested I see a massage therapist every three or four months. I felt much better immediately - my joints felt so much freer and even my teenage daughter noticed I was 'walking taller'!"

Hannah Boyle


"Had your first appointment today, with a lovely lady called Summeara, I believe her name was. Amazing! After multiple pregnancies I had lower back pain, pain between my shoulder blades and lower neck. I literally walked out pain free. Cannot believe how effective the appointment was. Highly recommended. Can see myself returning for all kinds of appointments."

Emma May


"My son had been misdiagnosed with short achilles tendon for years. After discovering this we tried to get help in the country we live but success was marginal. As my daughter was very happy with the treatment Tom Bedford had given her, we made an appointment with Summeara. I was impressed with the progress she achieved in just three sessions. My son stopped twisting his ankles and knees when walking, started walking with his knees apart and can even run well. His mood improved and he is smiling more frequently now. Summeara heard my concerns and reassured me that what I'm doing is correct. She helped me understand that if my son's body suffers his soul will suffer too, and his confidence is as important for his health as all the sports he is trying at. I'm grateful and will do my best to go back to her whenever we are in the UK."

Zlatina Scoffham


"I went to Summeara with severe SPD in pregnancy - to the point my hips had dislocated at one point and I couldn't walk. Physio treatment had had no impact, but after just one session with Summeara I could walk again and she kept me mobile right through my pregnancy. Other than being a miracle worker, she was lovely and friendly yet professional. She also went away and did some extra research on my rare connective tissue disorder so that she could treat me better. Fantastic care!"

Hannah Stammers


"I used this service when heavily pregnant and for my newborn baby. Summeara is such an understanding practitioner and achieved immediately positive effects for us both! Thank goodness for you osteopaths!!! Thank you :)"

Beth Powell