Oxford, OX2
From £40/treatment

Hi, I'm Suzanne. I'm a local Mum, having lived most of my life in and around Oxford. I live in Botley with my husband and two daughters.

I offer reflexology for all. This includes people who suffer from stress and chronic illness. 

I qualified in 2013, under the supervision of Louise Keet (‘Britain’s leading reflexology practitioner’) at the London School of Reflexology. The London School of Reflexology is the UK’s largest, longest established and most recommended reflexology school in the United Kingdom. 

I have advanced training in maternity reflexology and fertility reflexology and so I can also offer reflexology targeted specifically targeted to these groups, and couples facing difficulty with conception.

I completed my training in a course run by Barbara Scott, who is an experienced reflexologist and is considered to be one of Europe’s leading fertility practitioners. I am now a fully qualified member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists.

I see clients at my house in Botley.

My availability is on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7.15pm and 9.30pm, and on Friday daytimes between 9.00am and 3.00pm.

Price from £40/treatment.

Contact me here to for more information or to arrange a consultation. Testimonials included below.


"I am a Reflexologist myself and so naturally this is my preferred choice when choosing a therapy to help me unwind. I have tried various Reflexologists but found that Suzy was more intuitive and knew exactly how to treat me. Suzy has a very calm approach and knows how to put you at ease. I had a course of treatments with her which eased my digestive issues and helped me feel incredibly relaxed. I am more than happy to recommend."

Tracy, Torquay


"I travel a lot for work, often hosting or chairing meetings abroad. The combination of travel and people challenges often means each day is stressful. Although I have several ways to cope with the stress they all involve being active – I am not a ‘switch off and relax’ kind of person! The one thing that does really relax me is reflexology. I very often become so relaxed during treatments that I fall asleep. I find that the combination of a tranquil environment, the physical contact and the gentle pressure applied to the various areas of my feet really promotes a clearing of the mind, allowing my body to enter a very deep feeling of relaxation."

JB, Botley


"Suzanne provided a deeply relaxing experience. It was the first time I had ever had reflexology and definitely something that I would recommend to anyone. It helped me to de-stress, improve my sleep and have some valuable time out to relax."

Sarah, Botley


"I found the whole experience of reflexology to be very relaxing. I was impressed how areas that you know are a problem are picked up on so it definitely works. Other areas were found and advice given that I would not have thought of so it makes you think about your whole body and how one area can impact on another. I would definitely recommend reflexology as an alternative therapy and relaxation treatment"

Nicky, Witney


"Thank you so much for the help that you provided to me after the birth of my twins. I had no idea how beneficial reflexology could be at this time. I would recommend you to everyone."

Laura, Botley


"Suzanne always focuses on the task she has undertaken at the time, so therefore the standard of her work is very high and consistent. She has a breadth of knowledge and a gentle gift in her hands. I can confidently recommend her."

Jenni, Jericho


"I found Suzanne to be a very skilful and sensitive practitioner of reflexology. She creates a very peaceful environment and the treatments had left me in a deep state of relaxation. In fact, after Suzanne’s treatments I have noticed how deeply I sleep. As well as the effect on my sleep patterns, I have also noticed how much more I feel in a state of equilibrium, with a distinct increase in my energy levels. I would therefore strongly recommend Suzanne to anyone who wants to achieve a deeper state of health, and relief from stress, leaving one in a very pleasant state of calmness."

Sara, Jericho